Moc Chau sticky rice nuggets

 Moc Chau

Since ancient times, the Northwest has always been called the land of the South. Because it has perfect conditions in both weather and soil. Especially Moc Chau Plateau. This is like the second Da Lat. Because of the cool climate all year round. The products grown in Moc Chau are also diverse and of Northwestern quality.


Moc Chau upland sticky rice has long been cultivated by the H'mong ethnic group for the purpose of self-sufficiency. Later, when the Kinh people came to explore and established new farms. At this time, rice and new products are sold and exchanged. With an unforgettable delicious taste. People call Moc Chau upland sticky rice the pearl of the Northwest.

How to use sticky rice in Moc Chau:

Not overly complicated. With their skillful hands, ethnic women and mothers in the Northwest always have dishes from glutinous rice that leave a fragrant sound in the hearts of people to enjoy.

When it is a thick, fragrant cake, it is allowed to be flexible. Then bake or fry. Dotted with a little molasses gathered around the fire on a cold winter day. It's enough to make a child far from home nostalgic

When it is a sticky rice dish with enough colors of green and red. The special thing is that there is no need for colorants, no need for toxic fragrances. Colors are created from natural plants, found in the mountains, behind the garden. Ingeniously, each color brings its own flavor. Every color is so bright.

Or simply blow sticky rice in an old cast iron pot. On the charcoal stove. When opening the lid, the smoke follows each other up, accompanied by the aroma of new upland sticky rice. Dot a piece with occipital cross or sesame salt. Or add a piece of burnt sticky rice with buffalo meat in the kitchen. What was more amazing.

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