Mac Khen

 Moc Chau

In the sweet nostalgia of simple home meals, always appear in me the sweet, spicy, and mountainous scent of the fragrant mac Khen nut. For me, it is the most typical spice of the mountainous region.

Macken is the main spice in most of the main dishes of the Northwestern people, considered the soul of Northwest cuisine, capable of enchanting the most fastidious diners. Mac Khen has a passionate aroma, many times more fragrant than pepper, and most especially the feeling of "numbness of the tongue" when eating.

Mac Khen is used to marinate grilled dishes such as meat, fish or used to make dipping sauces to create a very unique, unique and attractive flavor. Especially indispensable in the kitchen dishes - delicious specialties of the Northwest mountains.

Macken at Moc Chau Farm is harvested entirely from the forest, with professional drying and packaging techniques, ensuring the best quality products are supplied to the market.

*How to use:

Put the fenugreek in a small roasting pan until fragrant, then turn off the heat and let it cool. Then put it in a small blender.

Storage: in a sealed plastic container at room temperature.

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