Moc Chau


SPECIAL Chrowm cross
HSD 12 months
Operating capacity: Dien Bien - Vietnam
Main ingredients: Doi nut and Mac Khen seeds brewed with essential oils of anise and bay flower, reduce baking, garlic, lemongrass, salt, sugar

Usage: salt can be dipped with acrid and sour fruits such as mango, toad, guava.

Squeeze a piece of lemon over it and then dip it with boiled and grilled dishes. Dot with boiled vegetables, boiled water spinach, boiled bamboo shoots, ...

Dot white tofu, where are fried tofu

Seafood dipping: steamed shrimp and crab

Dotted with buffalo meat in the kitchen, boiled chicken is the best.

The viscous mosquito has a sweet, spicy, and aromatic taste, so when eating, it needs to be beaten before using, adding a little lemon or kumquat to make the salt more delicious.

You guys just stay at home and boil a chicken dipped in salt and it's all good.

Wet skewer combined with dry skewer is even more delicious.

Take 3 dry spoons, 3 wet spoons, squeeze half a lemon, beat up until all the oyster salt dissolves and dip it, everyone.

Note: Due to the salt transportation process, heavy salt and sugar ingredients will be deposited on the bottom of the box. Before using, mix the salt well, then scoop out the right amount and use it. Storage: Close the cap tightly after use. Avoid direct sunlight outdoors. Best preserved frozen weight. It is recommended to use within 6 months after opening. Thank you for visiting and supporting the shop.

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