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Commonly and widely used by people Tay Bac, especially white Thai people,  Mac Khen is likened to the soul of the cuisine here.


Effects, ways to use and preserve seeds Mac Khen 

Like pepper, Mac Khen is a typical spice, popular in the northern mountains with a very special aroma and pungent taste that helps create a variety of delicious dishes here.

Mac Khen grows in bunches on tall and large woody trees, every June - July, the macadamias flower and bear fruit, and in November, when the seeds ripen gradually, people are eager to harvest them to Dry or hang on the kitchen attic for use.


The effect of seeds Mac Khen There are many comments that Mac Khen is similar to pepper, but you don't know that it has a more spicy, more intense taste, a sweeter aroma and especially the feeling of "numbness of the tongue" every time you eat it. this spice. Most of the dishes of the people Tay Bac are indispensable for the kitchen, the most prominent ones are still the kitchen buffalo meat, the grilled chicken with mac Khen, the smoked sausages, the cross-cutting...

How to use seeds Mac Khen

Mac Khen are known for their aroma and spicy taste, especially, when Mac Khen just picked down and still retain their freshness, that's when they are the most delicious and fragrant. However, fresh Mac Khen seeds will not keep for long, so they are often dried for later use.

Whether it's as a seasoning or as the main ingredient for a dip, you can grind it finely or moderately grind mac Khen seeds depending on your preference to make the dish more delicious and right.

How to prepare, roast and preserve seeds Mac Khen for a long time

Today, Mac Khen is widely marketed in the form of a carefully packaged powder. However, the raw Mac Khen processed when using is the most delicious.

Every time you marinate a dish, you should only use a sufficient amount Mac Khen, you dry roast them on a hot fire to cool for 30-45 minutes, then proceed to grind or puree. In the seeds Mac Khen contain essential oils, if you grind them while still hot, they will stick together and not be smooth.

When not in use anymore, you should store Mac Khen in bottles, jars tightly closed to avoid the smell. Most importantly, you should just keep it in a cool place, not in the refrigerator!

Delicacies with seeds Mac Khen
1. Grilled chicken Mac Khen

The chicken is grilled thoroughly, the outer layer of golden skin is added with seeds Mac Khen pureed and fragrant. The chicken is soft and sweet, evenly absorbed with the spices, a little spicy of pepper and Mac Khen and the characteristic aroma of green pepper makes the chicken dish even more special.

To make the chicken dish more attractive, you can use it with hot rice, fried rice or fried sticky rice with some raw vegetables, dipping it with salt and pepper to make the family meal more delicious and cozy.

2. Grilled snakehead fish with snow salt

Snakehead fish is wrapped in snow salt, inside is marinated with Mac Khen, ginger, doi seeds, green onions to create an indescribable, unmistakable aroma.

The flesh of the fish is tender and sweet, thoroughly seasoned with special spices. When the fish is finished baking, rolled with rice paper, raw vegetables, and dipped with sweet and sour fish sauce, it is unmistakably delicious.

Wish you and your family will have many more delicious and attractive meals thanks to these seeds!


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